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Makalu Arun Social Trek  (MAST)  is a  social trekking company established by SESF Khandbari  offering  social trekking activities including  volunteering opportunity in its itineraries.Under the MASTvolunteering program, our  guests are offered the chance to volunteer  along the trekking route as per their  choice and interest.  These opportunities  will be  a unique and  wonderful chance for  them to interact with the local people and  study about  their   authentic rural life..


Volunteering along our trekking routes is a great way to experience Nepalese people, their culture and tradition firsthand.

School volunteer programs can be an additional teaching guide for the students. Cultural and language exchanges – in teaching and other school activities – can be an essential learning experience for students, teachers, and volunteers.

Some  volunteering  activities   our guests have  experience   to date include: 

  • Teaching English at Secondary Higher Secondary Schools.
  • Distributing educational  materials to the school children
  • Distributing equipment and materials to the hospital/health organzations
  • Sharing ideas about poverty poverty reduction;running small scale enterprise.
  • Sponsoring a child for education through SESF.
  • Distributing  clothes to the kids at the orphanage.
  • Donating food (rice,lentils, vegetables and fruits)sleeping bags, mattresses,blankets  etc to orphanages.
  • Donating books, pens,pencils,crayons,drawing papers to orphanages/schools.

 Please click  the link    for more information   about the program. Are you interested to  read  more about our previous volunteers? Click  our Face Book Link

Food and accommodation

Our philosophy is that anyone who is interested to help make a difference does not have to pay to come and volunteer.
Since our activities and programs rely solely on private donations, we don’t have the extra funds at our disposal. Our guests are always most welcome to make financial or material contributions whenever possible.

You can prepare your own food in your room, eat at a nearby home, eat food at the orphanage,or eat in a nearby hotel. If you choose to eat at a local hotel, you can expect to pay $15 per day for local dal bhaat Nepali food, tea, breakfast, snacks and boiled water to drink. There are no other participating costs or fees to get involved as a volunteer at our orphanage


We are happy to share  some of our previous reports as  follows,



Some Popular Trekking Packages

  • Makalu Base Camp Trek

    Go on the journey of a lifetime. Trek through the remote and wild region of Eastern Nepal to reach at the bottom of Mt Makaluthe 5th highest mountain in the world, .......

  • Makalu View Hill side Trek

    Trek the quintessential landscape of small villages, flowery meadows and rhododendron forests. The Makalu Hillside Trek starts from Khandbari and.......

  • Mera Peak Base Camp Trek

    Mera Peak is the world’s finest trekking peak located south of Mt. Everest. The trek begins from Khandbari and follows the Arun River through Chandnpur, ....

  • Arun Valley Trek

    Discover pristine Arun Valley, a paradise of exotic flora and fauna. The trek starts from Khandbari and runs through Heluwa Besi, Phedi and Gurase over the Salpa Pass and ends in Lukla.

  • Khandbari Lukla Trek

    The Khandbari to Lukla trek is popular among the adventurous. It starts from Khandbari and runs through Heluwa Besi, Phedi and Gurase...

  • Makalu Barun National Park

    The Makalu Barun Nation Park is located on the way to Mt. Makalu Base Camp. The trek starts from Kathmandu and ends in Yangle Kharka in the East through some of the region's.......

  • Milke Danda Trek

    Milke Danda is a favourite spot amongst naturalists. The trail runs from Khandbari to Gupha Pokhari via Chainpur and features the Himalaya's Kingdom of Rhododenrons located over...

  • Upper Arun Valley Trek

    The Upper Arun Valley lies on the edge of Makalu Barun National Park and the Buffer Zone Area. The route starts from Khandbari to Chichila, Num and Hedangna....

  • Barun Valley Trek

    The Barun Valley lies within Makalu Barun National Park at the base of Makalu. The trek starts from Kathmandu and ends in the Barun Valley, home to the Barun River,.......

  • Shiva Dhara Trek

    Shiva Dhara is one of the most famous pilgrimage site situated in Makalu VDC, along the route to Mt. Makalu Base Camp. Every year, pilgrims trek to the site to bathe in the holy waters 

  • Sabha Pokhari Trek

    Sabha Pokhari is among the many popular tourist trekking spots in Nepal. The trek starts from Khandbari and ends in Kathmandu. 

  • Sekaya Sightseeing Tour

    Full-day sightseeing tour in Sekaya introduces the best sights in Khandbari. It's a great way to see Khandbari in a short time! 

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