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  • Makau Barun National Park

16 Day Makalu Barun National Park Trek Highlights

The Makalu Barun Nation Park is located on the way to Mt. Makalu Base Camp. The trek starts from Kathmandu and ends in Yangle Kharka in the East through some of the region's most dramatic scenery, abundant wildlife and ancient tribes, like the Rai, Sherpa and Shingsawa. It's the highest protected area in the world and Nepal's last pristine wilderness where few have ventured before. 

  • 11 total trekking days.
  • Climb 457m — 3,173m;
  • Spectacular views toward Mt.Everest, including Mt. Kumbhakarna (7,129m), Mt. Chamlang (7,319m), Mt. Makalu II (7,678m), Mt. Barunotse (7,129m), Mt. Himachuli (6,424m), and Mera Peak (6,654m).
  • More than 3,000 species of plants, 441 birds, and 78 mammals, including the rare snow leopard and red panda
  • Accomodation in Tea Houses and village home-stays.

Makalu Barun National Park Trek Detail

Makalu Barun Park Itinerary


From        -   To

Road Type



Overnight Stay

Day 01

Kathmandu –Tumlingtar -Khandbari

Flight from Kathmandu  to Tumlingtar

Jeep from Tumlingtar to  Khandbar

( 30 minutes)

( 30 minutes)


Home stay/ Hotel Accommodation in Khandbari

Day 02

Khandbari  - Num

Travelling  by Jeep

 4-5 hrs.trek 

Visit Khandbari bazaar Child Welfare Home Khandbari

Meet  your porter guide and be introduced with him

Trek preparation

Tea house food and accommodation  at Num

Day 03

 Num- Seduwa

  Trekking  Trial

4 –6  hrs  trek,

Sightseeing in Num, visit the local peope.

Visit the school, Meet school teache.

Tea house food and accommodation At Seduwa

Day 04

Seduwa- Tasi Gaun

    Trekking  Trial

4-6  hrs  trek,

Pay National Park Entrance fees

Sightseeing  around Seduwa

Tea house food and accommodation  at Tashi Gaun

Day 05

Tasi Gaun- Khongma

   Trekking trial

4-5  hrs. trek

Sightseeing  around Seduwa

Meet the local people

Tea house accommodation  at  Khongma

 Day 06

Khongma - Dobato

  Trekking trial

4-5  hrs trek

Huge elevation gain

Trek slowly

Tea house accommodation at Dobato

Day 07

Dobato- Yangre Kharka

Trekking trial

4-5  hrs trek


Tea house accommodation  Yangre Kharka

Day 08.

Yangre Kharka

Rest Day



Tea house accommodation  at  Tashi Gaun

Day 09

Yangre Kharka- Dobato

Trekking trial

4-5  hrs trek


Tea house accommodation  at Dobato

Day 10

Dobato - Khongma

Trekking trial

4-5  hrs trek


Home stay/ Hotel accommodation  Khongma

Day 11

Khongman -   Tashi gaun


The whole day


Home stay/ Hotel accommodation  in Tashi Gaun

Day 12

Tashi Gaun  - Seduwa

Trekking trial



Tea house in Seduwa

Day 13

Seduwa  - Num

Trekking trial



Tea House at Num

Day 14

Num - Khandbari




Hotel in  Khandbari

Day 15

Khandbari Volunteering Day



Visit  Khandbari orphanage

Visit  the kids'  school

Hotel in  Khandbari

Day 16

Khandbari- Tumling tar-Kathmandu

Travel  by Jeep to TumlingtarFlight to Kathmandu.

30 Mts.

Farewell program at MAST office  Khandbari.

Hotel in Kathmandu

Cost calculation

The actual cost will depend on the length of the trek (number of days), final destination, areas you would like to trek through, number of participants, the types of activities and mode of transportation, and weight of your luggage.

Type of Expense

Total Cost 11 - Days

Per Day
per person


Domestic Flight



Flight from Kathmandu to Tumling Tar to Kathmandu.

Ground Transport



Jeep from Tumling Tar Airport to Khandbari  to Tumling tar.

Porter Guide for 13 days



Salary exclusive of daily meals on trek




TIMS card inclusive of $5 service charge

MAST Service Fee



MAST Service Charge (Flat fee) 

Grand Total



Khandbari Makalu Barun National Park Trek

MAST Service  includes

  • Kathmandu -Tumling Tar- Kathmandu Flight Fare.
  • TIMS card for trekking  = $ 10 + 5 =15 per person ( $ 5  for PP photo print  + other service charge  charge)
  • Tumlingtar  airport reception by MAST company representative.
  • Khandbari – Tumling tar – Khandbari Jeep Fare.
  • One  porter guide Daily salary.
  • One Porter guide   insurance cost ( Rs. 500000)

The following cost has not been included.

  • Food and accommodation cost as well as other personal expenditure for the guest  throughout the trekking route ( about USD 10 -20) Per day.
  • Porter guide  food two meals a day ( Plain food not  any drinks and meat etc) about Rs. 300 to 1000 per day
  • National park Entrance fees Rs. 3000 per person to be paid by the guest.
  • Kathmandu Hotel booking food and Accommodation cost.
  • Travel and medical insurance cost   for   the guest
  • Emergency evacuation cost for the gust.
  • Tips for the guides and porters.(Optional)
  • Khandari Hotel Booking ( if necessary


  • If you are two people in your group, share service charge  + the porter guide  daily salary +  as well as the porter guide daily  meal cost about R. 300 – 1000 per day  +
     Tumling Kathmandu jeep fare  and enjoy  trekking  in  the cheapest price
  • MAST service charge  include  Government Taxes, VAT, Company administrative cost as well as  to fund SESF    orphanage support  program and child education program. MAST exists to fund these projects. 
  •  In our Social Trekking program  we are not collecting   any money for Teahouse / home stays breakfast, food and accommodation cost up to the destination as well National Entrance Fees from our guests.   Our guests pay directly to their service providers with the help of   our porter  guide. 
  • On the trekking route our guide will choose   one of the best, safest tea houses for food and accommodation and take care of their guests.

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Makalu Barun Park Gallary

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