9779842084078 [email protected] Company Regd No. 286/067/068
9779842084078 [email protected] Company Regd No. 286/067/068

Mr. Suman Shrestha

Suman Shrfestha



A Businessman as well as Social  Worker  .

I am  Suman Shrestha   a  businessman as well as social worker in Sankjhuwasabha district.  Apart from my business social service is my area of interest.  I line the kids very much.  I think all the kids should have opportunity to go to school and obtain quality formal education.

In order to support poorest, orphaned and helpless, children kids  around Sankhuwasabha  to go to school and to obtain quality education we have establish a  Makalu Arun Social Trek ( MAST) a nonprofit social trekking company in Khandbari. MAST organizes coordinates or facilitates community friendly social trekking for interested people around Makalu Arun Valley region of eastern Nepal.  I am a member of the organization.

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