9779842084078 [email protected] Company Regd No. 286/067/068
9779842084078 [email protected] Company Regd No. 286/067/068

Yadu Mani Niraula

Yadu Mani niraula



 A  social Worker  .

I am  Yadu Mani Niraula  a social worker in Sankjhuwasabha district. In order to support poorest, orphaned and  helpless, children kids  around Sankhuwasabha  to go to school and to obtain quality education we have establish a  Makalu Arun Social Trek ( MAST) a nonprofit social trekking company in Khandbari. MAST organizes coordinates or facilitates community friendly social trekking for interested people around Makalu Arun Valley region of eastern Nepal.  I am  a  member of the organization.

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Phone : (1)-1234-4444
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